Officers at the distant left, flags of countries committed to the nuke-ban treaty, and a swarm of people on Memorial Day--this and other pictures tell the story of PeaceWorks KC's last 12 months.--Photo by Kriss Avery

Photos depict last 12 months

What a year it was--from March 2022 to March 2023, from one PeaceWorks KC Annual Meeting to another. This slide show swings from annual war-resistance gatherings to the deaths of three long-term PeaceWorks members (all natural deaths).  This slide show will be on tap at the 2023 Annual Meeting at Simpson House, 4509 Walnut, KC … Continue reading Photos depict last 12 months

Connell (2023) and Mueller (2021) on how US government policies threaten US national security
Two recent books summarizing research claiming that US foreign and military polices may be counterproductive, manufacturing enemies for the US at a rate that may exceed its ability to suppress them.

A strong, effective national defense, and 300 million three-year-olds

by Spencer Graves DISCLAIMER:  PeaceWorks Kansas City is officially encouraging its supporters to follow two events March 14 and 26 discussed below. However, the PeaceWorks Board has NOT endorsed the following description of those events nor other comments in this article.  Those are my own personal opinions. I'm Spencer Graves, and I claim that we, … Continue reading A strong, effective national defense, and 300 million three-year-olds

At a 2021 Medicaid expansion rally, Sharon and Jim Hannah (masked, in foreground) observe, "The people have spoken ... Is Jeff City listening?"--Photo by Jane Stoever of page from Kansas City Star, 1/15/23

KC Star shows picture of PeaceWorks activists

The Jan. 15, 2023, Sunday edition of The Kansas City Times included the article "The People's Power to Petition." The four-page story led with a picture of long-time PeaceWorks KC members Sharon and Jim Hannah at a 2021 rally for Medicaid expansion. The story's subtitle was "In a state that reliably elects Republican majorities, voters use … Continue reading KC Star shows picture of PeaceWorks activists