A protester holds a Russian passport and a poster with words, “I am Russian and I oppose the war” during the human chain against the killing of children by the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine. (Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images, 1240556861.jpeg.webp)

To end the horror in Ukraine, go big, and go broad

“Amid such suffering and with the risk of escalation increasing by the day, our call must be clear: End the war now,” says Kevin Martin, president of Peace Action, the network to which PeaceWorks belongs.

“I have had the privilege of visiting Afghanistan seven times between 2010 and 2019,” says Brian Terrell, “and have seen the city of Kabul each time more fetid and packed more tightly beyond its capacities with internal refugees from the twin and codependent terrors of the Taliban and US drone strikes.”

Brian Terrell, at entry to Whiteman AFB, denounces drone warfare

War is never the way to peace and the war always comes home. Advances in nuclear weapons technology and proliferation of drones as a cheaper, more politically safe way to wage war only makes those wars more deadly and more intractable than before.