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Ode to Ramsey

Ode to Ramsey

A champion against war

Ramsey Clark was a vocal critic

Of America’s aggressive militarism

But he is quiet now at age 93

Having served as Attorney General

Under President Johnson against killing

He became an advocate of human rights

He defended antiwar protesters

The disadvantaged, the unfairly treated

Showing the ideals of the Constitution

He came to my trial over drones

A criminal weapon at Whitman AFB

He provided a stabilizing demeanor

Along with Bill Quigley and Ann Wright

In the background of this highly profiled trial

Noting a demonstration of full riot gear

For the purpose of intimidating protesters

Which was the endeavor of Judge Whitworth

Resulting in a six month sentence

Of my peace friend Brian Terrell

And my unusual 5-year probation

Shortened by luck or surprising grace

Ramsey was a hero of moral conscience

In a culture relying on force to support courage

Most people point to heroes of the military

And turn to police work, emergency services

Sacrificing their bodies to save another

Honorable, but what about those without guns?

Standing by courage alone for peace and justice

Believing that a nonviolent approach is superior

For revealing higher values of love and equality

Discerning the dark side of a nation being violent

Exposing the racism, the poverty, the hypocrisy

Of the worse of crime and authoritarianism,

Ramsey and those like him are authentic heroes.

By Ron Faust, 4/11/21

Note: Ramsey Clark died April 9, 2021, which prompted this Ode to Ramsey and memories of a trial in Jefferson City, MO, on June 6, 2012. Mentioned in the poem are Law professor Bill Quigley, retired Col. Ann Wright, and deceased Magistrate Judge Whitworth. It was an amazing trial. Henry Stoever was one of the Counselors and Brian Terrell represented himself. Ron Faust remembers his daughter, Tuesday Faust, doing a dance in front of the new Federal Courthouse across from the abandoned prison in Jefferson City.

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