A Matter of Conscience

Ron Faust Reciting Poem
Ron Faust Reciting Poem

by Ron Faust

Ron Faust Reciting Poem
Ron Faust recites A Matter of Conscience at courthouse rally for Ann Suellentrop
A peacemaker goes to court

   Alone but not silent

      For her it is a matter of life and death


   She put together an incredible court brief

      Analyzing the history of nuclear weapons

      And its existential threat to life


Accused of trespassing on property

   Her courageous act did cross the line

   To confront a greater crime on humanity


Her faith, her character, her meaning

   Heard a transcendent call of innocence

   “Blessed are the Peacemakers.”


10/25/23  (On occasion when Ann Suellentrop entered a plea “Not Guilty” in the KCMO Municipal Courthouse and presented relevant documents to show she could not do anything else)

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