Learning Peace

Ron Faust, Peace Walk poem (2)

By Ron Faust


When we model Peace

Future generations will follow

What we fear

Are figments of our imagination

We are told to conform

Not to be different

Not to stand out

Even if instruments of destruction

Might lead us to our death

We become trapped

Into false claims of living

Shopping, dining, and sports

Numbed by habits and routines

Choosing the easy way out

Artwork by Rosie Davila–Courtesy of Pace e Bene, paceebene.org

The path of Peace is not easy

Often a road less traveled

Maybe ridiculed and lonely

But it is the correct road

Most satisfying and visionary

With less violence

Less harm to the Earth

Most capable of

Promising a future

For our Grandchildren.


9/17/21  (On occasion of following the Peace Walk of Charles Carney and other Peacemakers to unravel the complicated knots of our existence) Copyright 2021, Ron Faust, Rosie Davila, Pace e Bene, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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Man hanging origame peace cranes.