2017 UNplaza Art Fair

2017 UNplaza Art Fair
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Past UNplaza Art Fairs:

  • Newsletter: November 2017 - 'Ban the Bomb butterfly effect' // UNplaza Art Fair--beauty in the park // Activists aim to oust US nuclear weapons from Germany // Afghanistan--the forgotten war // Abolish prison slavery--write prisoners // How to keep our children safe from guns // Coalition forms to tackle contamination at Bannister Federal Complex
  • 2017 UNplaza Art Fair attracts new patrons - Jack Kleven, a new patron to PeaceWorks’ annual fundraiser, the UNplaza Art Fair, said he preferred our fair to others. Why? “Every booth is unique, with work I have never seen before, and reasonably priced. The artists are thrilled that you come in to see their work.”
  • Newsletter: August 2017 - UNplaza Art Fair: Sept. 23-24 // Two documentaries go nuclear, close to home // Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration marks 72nd anniversary of bombings // A night of beauty, remembering, yearning for peace // UN treaty advocates nuclear weapons prohibition // Toxic, radioactive waste sites: in KC, St. Louis, Idaho // Sandy Hook mom to speak 10/9 at Continue Reading
  • 2015 UNplaza Art Fair is big success! - Perfect weather and praiseworthy artwork graced the 25th annual UNplaza Art Fair. Sponsored by PeaceWorks, KC, and staffed by generous volunteers, the local artists exhibited and sold their many unique and affordable works of art. Strolling the shady grounds of All Souls church, patrons shopped, wined and dined—all for the cause of peace, and to Continue Reading