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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

In this vault are interred the ashes of the Hiroshima victims.
The ashes of the Hiroshima victims are interred in this vault.

By Ann Suellentrop

The landmarks and stories of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park met the reverence and yearning of the Pax Christi USA (Peace of Christ USA) visitors to Japan this month. I was one of the travelers, taking these pictures and sharing my peace journey as a Board member of both PeaceWorks KC and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

The Bell for Peace is covered by a concrete form symbolizing the universe. The bell was dedicated Sept. 20, 1964, and the inscription reads:

We dedicate this bell 
As a symbol of Hiroshima Aspiration
Let all nuclear arms and wars be gone,  
and the nations live in true peace!
May it ring to all corners of the earth 
to meet the ear of every man,
for in it throb and palpitate 
the hearts of its peace-loving donors.
So may you, too, friends, 
step forward, and toll this bell for peace!
This statue commemorates the many children and teachers who were near the epicenter of the Hiroshima bomb while they were working on a firebreak.

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Man hanging origame peace cranes.