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‘We will make a ruckus on the sidewalk and in the courtroom!’

August 17, 2023 

12:00 pm

Come to our rally and court hearing, Kimmy Igla said during the recent Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembrance in KC MO. She and co-defendants Ann Suellentrop and Rylan Scott Keeling had earlier protested the nuclear weapons parts plant in southern KC. Inviting people to the Aug. 17 rally and court hearing, Kimmy said, “We will be there making a ruckus on the sidewalk. We will be there making a ruckus in the courtroom!”

Kimmy and Ann took their message for a nuke-free world to the US Capitol in April, lobbying. Then, on Memorial Day, with Rylan, they protested at the Kansas City National Security Campus, the nuke-parts plant. They were handcuffed, taken to a police station, and released. Their first hearing was June 28, but their judge was absent, and a different judge simply sent them back to the original judge for a hearing Aug. 17.

Rylan Scott Keeling is handcuffed before being taken with the other two nuclear weapon protesters to a police station and released.

“Arrested in KC MO for protesting nuclear weapons” is the headline on a flier Kimmy is using to spread the word about the rally and hearing. “We dissent our tax dollars producing weapons of mass destruction,” the flier reads. Details:

What/when: Rally at noon Aug. 17, and hearing at about 1pm in Court F
Where: KC MO Municipal Court, 11th & Locust

Referring to the title of the nuke-parts plant, the Kansas City Nuclear Security Campus, Rylan said at the
rally before the first hearing, “This is all security theater, to make us think we are safe. But assured
nuclear destruction is not security.”

(c) 2023, Kimmy Igla, Ann Suellentrop, Rylan Scott Keeling, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

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