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Vote no on Amendment 3, suggests PeaceWorks-KC

PeaceWorks-KC is urging its members, friends, and activists to vote “No” on Amendment 3 on the Nov. 3 ballot in Missouri.

Political analysts charge that Amendment 3 is designed by incumbent legislators to give political parties the power to manipulate elections through gerrymandering.

Amendment 3 is an attempt to overturn the work of Missouri citizens who conducted the “Clean Missouri” petition drive in 2018. More than 62 percent of the voters passed Clean Missouri. The initiative passed in every single Missouri Senate district, whether rural or urban.

Amendment 3 reverses voter-approved redistricting reforms to allow lobbyists and political operatives to draw incumbent-protection maps instead of a nonpartisan, qualified demographer stipulated in Clean Missouri.

Furthermore, analysts say, Amendment 3 is filled with loopholes about campaign contributions.

Given these considerations, PeaceWorks-KC encourages voting no on Amendment 3. This is the opportunity to stand with the 62 percent of Missouri who voted to clean up Missouri politics in 2018.

Notes: Here is the link ( to the Missouri Rural Crisis Center’s “Ask Me Anything about Amendment 3,” recorded by Richard Von Glahn from Missouri Jobs with Justice (27 min.). Also, PeaceWorks-KC Board member Spencer Graves conducted an interview Aug. 13 with Denise Lieberman, General Counsel of the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition, and Lauren Bonds, Legal Director of the ACLU of Kansas (see,_the_Missouri_Voter_Protection_Coalition,_and_the_Kansas_ACLU).

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