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Video: Ghassan Elkhatib demands end to genocide

Ceasefire Now, an illustration by Ann Suellentrop, depicts the horror of the Israel-Palestine war.

Ghassan Elkhatib, who came from Palestine to the Kansas City area in 1990, spoke eloquently for peace in his homeland at a recent vigil in KC MO. The video of his reflection and prayer is at

“I am a Muslim American,” said Elkhatib. “When most Palestinians left their home, they left with the summer clothes they were wearing on their backs. Look around and imagine. We are all wearing jackets. They are wearing T-shirts and shorts in the cold, in the rain. They need essential goods.” Elkhatib called on Israel to lift the siege in Palestine. He urged the US to impose the same measures on Israel that were imposed on apartheid South Africa.

Elkhatib spoke Dec. 14 to 30 persons at a vigil sponsored by the Holy Land Peace Coalition, including Citizens for Justice in the Middle East (to which he belongs) and PeaceWorks KC. “We’re talking about a ceasefire in Palestine,” said Elkhatib. “This is really genocide in the making.”

He concluded with prayer, saying, “I pray for all of us to find the truth and not get it from our mainstream media. … I pray for the world’s protection of 2.3 million Palestinians under siege.”

The video and illustration are by Ann Suellentrop, a vice chair of PeaceWorks.

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