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Unprecedented (buy the book!)

Unprecedented Cover - Ron Faust

Ron Faust, PeaceWorks-KC’s own poet laureate, is out with a new book of poetry. Titled Unprecedented, Faust wrote it during the presidency of Donald Trump. The cover displays two mountain ranges under clouds of darkness. These represent the two sides of every issue, Faust explains—on one mountain, a person can “stand in confusion and dimness, being numb to the other side.” Faust asks his readers to “climb down this mountain into the valley, slog through the muck, and scale the next mountain.” He describes his new work as a series of poems encouraging us to “climb to the next level to get to the mountaintop and experience peace and a vision of higher values.”

Faust calls it “an historic visit to recall where we have been and where we are going. It is an unprecedented read, timely and timeless, in staying clear of brutish enforcers and finding the heart of compassion.”

To order Unprecedented by Ron Faust, call 541-344-1528. The book costs $14 plus shipping.

Man hanging origame peace cranes.