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Two Workshops for Art Fair Artists

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Do we have a treat for you!  In 2019 PeaceWorks KC invited two of its Local Art Fair artists to give insightful and engaging workshops to help new artists make the most of the art fair.  Fortunately, we recorded these workshops and are posting them now for our artists as we return in person again!

First is a video of Clarissa Knighten sharing the workshop “Getting a Second Look.”  In it she provides lots of tips on how artists can set up their booth for success at our art fair.

Next is artista Vania Soto giving a workshop entitled “Artist as Brand.”  Listen up as she shares her story and insights on how artists can build their own brand.  This workshop only has audio, but the slides from the presentation can be viewed here.

Credit goes to Diane Burkholder for organizing and recording these workshops.

Man hanging origame peace cranes.