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Trial date pending for some Memorial Day line-crossers 

5, with Tom smiling, Jim content

By Jim Hannah

On the tenth anniversary of PeaceWorks-KC’s annual Memorial Day peace witness, five members of the PeaceWorks-KC family “crossed the line” and were arrested for trespass at the National Security Campus, where more than 80 percent of the parts for the U.S. nuclear arsenal are made or procured. The resisters’ action helped the 70 or so in attendance re-frame what the weapons plant truly is: a Global Insecurity Factory.

The defendants who plead not guilty on July 1 via teleconference will receive a later trial date.

After past arrests (now totaling more than 150), the courtroom has been crowded with kindred spirits who came to the trial in support of the defendants as they voiced their yearning for a nuclear-weapon-free world. Please come to the trial to join the “good trouble” being stirred up by PeaceWorks activists, and by millions of others globally who seek to do away with nukes and the omnicidal threat they pose.

As soon as the trial date is set, details will be posted on this website, in an e-mail blast, and on our Facebook page, PeaceWorksKC. You’re invited!

Detainees handcuffed after crossing the National Security Campus property line May 31—from left: Henry Stoever, Brian Terrell, Jim Hannah (contented), Tom Mountenay (smiling!), and Christian Brother Louis Rodemann. —Photo by Hai Chen

Man hanging origame peace cranes.