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Tarris Rosell

Today’s artist sculpts pottery to fit the hand and eye. His function yet elegant creations enhance their surroundings and will soon become an indispensable part of the home. And he helps sustain our mutual home, the earth, with his charitable work.

 Tarris Rosell of Amani Lamps & Pots tells us his story:


 I am an Ethics professor who believes it is good and right to make pottery or other creations in one’s spare time—and full-time, perhaps, in retirement someday. Wheel-thrown pots were my passion during college back in the 1970s, and now again in my 60s.

 I’m an artist who loves functional pottery, art that is both beautiful and useful. My favorites, for the moment, are coffee and soup mugs, chalices, incense burners, urns, and especially paraffin oil lamps. Agatized or marble-like clay body mixes with braided handles mark many ceramic creations. I studied at and worked from Epic Clay Studio in Kansas City, KS for several years, until December 2017 when the building of Amani Arts Studio was completed at my home on Lake Dabinawa.

 Amani Lamps and Pots by Tarris serve multiple purposes, beyond the joy of creative activity. “Amani” is a Swahili word meaning peace or aspirations. As the tag attached to each lamp or pot explains, 100% of donations or proceeds are used for support of global humanitarian work, including the care of orphaned children in Kenya. My aspiration is to create art that enables those beautiful children, and others, to be raised and educated in an environment of peace and kindness. Various collaborative projects in Ethiopia soon will be supported also through the newly co-founded nonprofit organization, LivingLove International.

 Those obtaining Amani pottery via donations might enjoy the combination of a mug or chalice and a lamp. I start most days with a hot cup of coffee while lighting an Amani Lamp. This becomes a spiritual exercise for meditation, as the dancing flame draws one to the present moment. It is a reminder of basic elements of life, even the taste of fresh coffee, with gratitude for all that is good and right in the world.


Tarris can be reached here: 

Instagram: @amanilamps


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