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Sneak a peek at art for our fair 9/24-25

Among the 80 artists who’ve applied for the PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, many are creating new works for us as the fair approaches. We’ll hold our fair 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, Sept. 24, and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday, Sept. 25, at Theis Park, south of Cleaver Blvd. and along Oak St.

Here’s a teaser for our fair, our only annual fundraiser. We hope these treasures catch your eye!

Cigdem Unalan created this luscious object.–Photo courtesy of Cigdem Unalan

Cigdem Unalan made this piece. Her description of her art is “nails hammered as an image in wood, then wrapped in a unique style with wire.”

Photo courtesy of Heather Sipes

Heather Sipes painted this windblown tree. She does acrylic paintings and prints, and has been an artist 15 years.

Photo courtesy of Tarris Rosell

Tarris Rosell, a potter, fashioned this chalice and plate. He gives the proceeds from his pottery to a humanitarian NGO in Ethiopia and a smaller NGO in Kenya.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Ramirez

Crystal Ramirez, maker of pendants and bracelets and earrings, describes her art as “handmade fabricated natural stone jewelry with sterling silver—14k gold filled.”

Photo courtesy of Anita Easterwood

Anita Easterwood, a portrait artist and illustrator, says, “I create work grounded in Blackness, including fashion, history, culture and sisterhood.”

Photo courtesy of Ricardo Nuñez 

Ricardo Nuñez, painter of these fronds, uses acrylic paint and oil paint for his works. He has participated in six of the PeaceWorks fairs and has been in the art business for 8 years.

(c) 2022, Jane Stoever, Ricardo Nuñez, Cigdem Unalan, Heather Sipes,  Tarris Rosell, Crystal Ramirez, Anita Easterwood, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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Among the 80 artists in the PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, many are making new works for us as the fair approaches—Saturday, Sept. 24, and Sunday, Sept. 25.
The PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, in person, already has 76 artists—and counting! After 2 years without a face-to-face fair, PeaceWorks is holding its annual fundraiser on Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 24-25, at Theis Park.
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