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Court support Wednesday, 6/28

Three persons were arrested for stepping across the National Security Campus property line on Memorial Day. Kimmy Igla, Rylan Scott Keeling, and Ann Suellentrop were protesting the making of parts for nuclear weapons there, and they are summoned to court Wednesday, June 28. Come on out!!!

Rally      12:30pm, Ilus Davis Park, 11th & Locust, KC MO

Go through security        1pm, Municipal Court, 11th & Locust

Enter Court F      1:30pm

Adjourn to Blip  All are invited to Blip Roasters, 1301 Woodswether Rd., KC MO, for coffee after the hearing. That evening, Poetic Underground KC will meet there—Rylan directs communications for Poetic Underground.

Sometimes court dates are postponed. If so, notice will be posted at this website,

© 2023, Kimmy Igla, Rylan Scott Keeling, Ann Suellentrop, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

Below, left: Rylan Scott Keeling takes a picture of her poet friend Elena Stephenson during the Memorial Day rally. Below, right: Charles Carney and Kimmy Igla march toward the nuke-parts plant.–Photos by Cody Boston.

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Three persons--Kimmy Igla, Rylan Scott Keeling, and Ann Suellentrop--crossed the property line at the National Security Campus on Memorial Day and were arrested.
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