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KC Star shows picture of PeaceWorks activists

The Jan. 15, 2023, Sunday edition of The Kansas City Times included the article “The People’s Power to Petition.” The four-page story led with a picture of long-time PeaceWorks KC members Sharon and Jim Hannah at a 2021 rally for Medicaid expansion. The story’s subtitle was “In a state that reliably elects Republican majorities, voters use ballot measures to pass progressive policies.”

The Hannahs are active in community engagement through the Justice and Peace Action Team of Greater Kansas City, comprised of Midlands and Central Mission Centers of Community of Christ.

(c) 2023, Jane Stoever, Jim Hannah, Sharon Hannah, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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“I plead my case to two higher courts for recourse—the court of global humanity, and the court of Divine justice,” Jim Hannah said Feb. 18. “Neither of these courts would find me or my co-defendants guilty for witnessing against nuclear weapons. More likely, they would judge us wanting if we had done nothing.”
This Memorial Day was the first time I was able to join PeaceWorks-KC at the National Security Campus, where non-nuclear parts are made for nuclear weapons. It was our 10th annual event there. I was moved by the experience.
Man hanging origame peace cranes.