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I Stand Here

Jaime Malmstrom reads her poem about suffering in Palestine: "I stand here in anger ... Grief in my conscienceness Will not suffice ... "
Jaime Malmstrom says, "Grief in my conscienceness Will not suffice"--Photo by Jim Hannah

By Jaime Malmstrom

“Hate speech abhorrent rhetoric Is all that they spew,” argues Jaime Malmstrom.–Photo by Jim Hannah
I stand here in anger 
Frustration hysteria 
Images of horrors
Continuously invade my sleep
Absorb the trauma from my device 
Grief in my conscienceness 
Will not suffice
As colossal atrocities ensue
Infinitely nauseated
what can I do
Gut punch 
Blood boiling 
Rage is fierce 
Thoughts of devastation 
their screams pierce 
I sob
Agony floods my mind 
Every waking moment 
My soul aches for them
My heart breaks for them
Will we ever feel peace again
That ideal seems
 so far beyond existence 
Not as cruel dictators 
 Under the facade of Democracy
seek their misguided vengeance
All must suffer for the resistant acts of a few
Hate speech abhorrent rhetoric 
Is all that they spew
It's calculated...
It's immorality 
It's inhumanity
Zero integrity
Sheer insanity
It's their reality
Incessant suffering 
Lies propagating
Minds manipulating 
War crimes violating
Bombs detonating
Bullets penetrating  
Massacres accellerating
Continuous debilitating 
Relentless obliterating
Exhaustion perpetuating 
Pain excruciating 
Human beings terminating 
Massively annihilating
Children beg 
make it stop
Do you not hear us??
Make it stop
The world screams
 make it stop
We get louder
Make it stop
 they hear us
Do nothing 
Lack consciousness 
Morally bankrupt
They decide 
they must suffer
More will die
More women will die
More men will die
More children will die
Innocence will die
Weight of their merciless inaction 
Feel hopelessness
Unfathomable disdain 
For those responsible 
For this pain
We come to witness 
the pure resilience
That flows in Palestinian veins 
A decades long battle 
for the right to exsist
The fight for their life 
they endlessly persist
Perpetual strength 
They endured 
Brutal occupation 
No longer obscured
We see you
The world sees you
You are the catalyst 
The world aligns with you
We will stand for you
cease fire for you
Root out evil for you
Relentlessly seek 
Justice for you
Demand liberation for you
We see you
I stand here now inspired
OUR mission is clear
We act in courage 
Rather than fear
Promise to GAZA
Until Palestine is FREE
Only then we have PEACE

–Jaime Malmstrom read this poem March 24, 2024, at a fundraiser for the Palestinian American Medical Association. The event was held at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Kansas City, MO. (c) 2024, Jaime Malmstrom, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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