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Wichita-to-KC Peace Walk ‘moves up’ to this August/September

By Charles Carney

Peace Works members have been hearing about a 273-mile Peace Walk that was supposed to occur in May 2022 from Wichita to Kansas City, Mo. For numerous reasons, this walk has been moved up from May 2022 to August and September 2021. However, a shorter walk will still take place in May 2022, preceding the Memorial Day event at Honeywell.

This year, I am committing to traverse the entire 273 miles from Wichita to Kansas City, and I am asking others to join me for an hour, a day, a week, or a month–whatever is convenient. I hope to walk an average of 6 miles per day, beginning Aug. 10 and ending approximately Sept. 23. (I have been “training” vigorously for this walk, and 6 miles a day seems do-able. The best way to join the walk would be to call me or e-mail me to discuss details. My contact info: 913-603-2483 or

The walk hopes to engender a contemplative “vigil-like” spirit, even becoming a “Peace Pilgrimage,” after the famous Peace Pilgrim. Following is an approximate estimation of where the walk will be “happening.”

Aug. 10-17—Wichita to Hillsboro (via Newton)

Aug. 18 to 24—Hillsboro to Marion

Aug. 25 to 31—Marion to Herington

Sept. 1 to 7—Herington to Osage City (via Flint Hills Nature Trail)

Sept. 8 to 14—Osage City to Osawatomie (via Flint Hills Nature Trail)

Sept. 15 to 23—Osawatomie to Honeywell Plant in south Kansas City (via Paola, Louisburg)

The walk will embody the following message: Nuclear Domination is made of the same fabric as racial disparity: gross income inequality, white supremacy, and greed.

We have made special signs which we will carry with messages such as:




Keep on eye on this space for future reflections from myself and others as we trudge through the prairies!

—Charles Carney, a member of the PeaceWorks-KC Board, is a social worker and co-founder of St. Lawrence Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Kan.

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