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Photographer gives gift to artists

During the Sept. 24-25 PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, photographer Jim Hannah went tent to tent, taking pictures of about 45 of the 70 or so artists. Why? “In a world of so much brokenness and ugliness,” says Jim, “it is vital to honor artists and their art. They convey messages of creativity, beauty, hope. Through such expressions, the seeds of peace are sown.”

Here are Jim’s artist pictures, with some PS pics at the end. Artists, feel free to use the pictures of yourselves however you wish. Make a splash with them!

© Jim Hannah, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

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PeaceWorks photographer Jim Hannah took pictures of the artists at the Sept. 24-25 fair. "In a world of so much brokenness and ugliness, it is vital to honor artists and their art," says Jim.
Being a clay artist is also a lesson in mortality. I am reminded at the wheel that virtually everything I create in the studio will outlast me, its creator, by hundreds of years. Maybe millennia.
Clarissa Knighten and Vania Soto gave workshops in 2019 to help new artists prepare for success at our fair. Through a video, an audio recording, and slides, see Knighten's and Soto's suggestions.
It truly saddens us to make this decision, but on August 16 the PeaceWorks Kansas City Board of Directors determined that we do not feel we can safely proceed with our art fair on September 25-26, so we are cancelling the art fair this year.
2020 was shaping up as a banner year for PeaceWorks-KC’s annual art show. The number of artists exhibiting last year was the highest ever, at 130, and the pool of artists was expected to continue to grow. ... Then came the pandemic. ... "How about a virtual, online art fair?" asked David Bayard.
The PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair (formerly the UNplaza Art Fair) will continue as scheduled on Sept. 26-27. Due to current COVID-19 realities and our responsibility to the broader community, the art fair will be a virtual event you can access through this website.  
Thank you to all who participated in our first online auction! In total we brought in $1225 for the vital work of PeaceWorks KC. And a very special thank you to our Artists who donated their beautiful Art pieces to our online auction:
All artists are now invited to apply for the PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, formerly known as the UNPlaza Art Fair.
PeaceWorks KC presents an on-line Auction of Art! With works donated by artists to promote PeaceWorks Kansas City Local Art Fair. See and bid on all artwork HERE! Winners will be announced on May 31.
Man hanging origame peace cranes.