A Tribute to Ann

Ann and Henry Stoever at courthouse
Ann Suellentrop and Henry Stoever at courthouse
Ann Suellentrop and Henry Stoever at courthouse
Ann presents a message of peace at her courthouse rally.–Photos by Kriss Avery

by Michael McGrath

Ann’s witness  
You will follow our rules. 
I will not.  
Our rules are just and good.  

They are not.  
Who made you the judge? 
God did. 
How did that happen? 
When my conscience was formed  
To follow the law of love.  
There is no rule greater.  
I will follow  
No rule to destroy, 
No rule to discriminate,  
No rule to oppress.  
If you make these,  
disobedience will follow,  

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Ann Suellentrop crossed the National Security Campus property line on 5/29 to protest the NSC's production of nuclear weapons. Her trial 10/25 ended in a surprise verdict.
Ann Suellentrop is getting ready for her trial Oct. 25 for crossing the property line at the KC National Security Campus, a nuclear bomb factory. Come support her!
Briefly speaking before the movie “Oppenheimer,” Ann Suellentrop told the audience, “The bomb test that you’ll see contaminated 46 states, was a 7-mile-high explosion, and turned the desert into radioactive green glass.” Ann also spoke during a Q&A after the film.
Kimmy Igla, Rylan Scott Keeling, and Ann Suellentrop were defendants at a procedural hearing June 28 after they crossed the property line at the KC MO nuclear weapon parts plant. They were protesting the plant’s death-dealing work. The three, who have another hearing Aug. 17, plan to request a trial.
We are planning for planetary mass murder just down the street at KC’s nuclear bomb parts factory! We must say NO to this war crime!
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Three persons--Kimmy Igla, Rylan Scott Keeling, and Ann Suellentrop--crossed the property line at the National Security Campus on Memorial Day and were arrested.
“The more we educate ourselves and each other, the stronger the anti-nuclear movement grows!” says Kimmy Igla, reflecting on our high-energy Memorial Day gathering.
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