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Haley Sellmeyer

Haley Sellmeyer is a painter using a variety of materials including acrylic, oils to Unicorn SPiT. Don’t ask. Well, no, DO ask. And it’s not just a figment of her imagination!

She not only produces her own creations but works with other young people to encourage them in their own artistic paths, something sorely missing in many school curricula. We caught up with her recently in her Kansas City area studio.


Haley is a 13 year old professional artist from the Kansas City Area who loves to paint and create art. She has been painting and creating different types of art since she was one year old. Born two months premature, her mother was trying to find things to stimulate her brain—and art happened to be one of those things.

Sellmeyer states “It’s just been a progression from there!” Haley has participated in over 100 art exhibitions including juried art shows, gallery shows, and charity events. She has won numerous awards for her artwork. She has also been featured on several live radio segments, television new channels and newspapers in and around the Kansas City area.

She began her art career finger painting with pudding and water based kid paint. By age four, she was painting with acrylics on canvas; and at age 6 she began oil painting. Sellmeyer now paints with oils, acrylic, mixed media, and Unicorn SPiT. She is an affiliate of the Unicorn SPiT Company. Ask her—she will tell you all about it!

“Painting is my passion,” she says. “It’s fun! My art makes me happy and it makes other people happy. My art represents Happiness and Peace. I find inspiration in my environment and what makes me happy every day. I love to create art for myself as well as for other people, and to participate in shows and charities. It’s my way of giving back.”
“I approach art with a fun, creative perspective to make art for myself and other people to enjoy. My goals are to have fun, have people all over the WORLD see my artwork, raise money for charities and to show other kids and adults that if I can paint and have fun, they can too!!!”


You can connect with Haley here:

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