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Elect PeaceWorks leaders 3/3

Come to the 3/3/24 PeaceWorks Annual Meeting and vote on candidates for the Board of Directors.
Cast your vote for PeaceWorks leaders during the PW Annual Meeting March 3.

March 3, 2024 

2:00 pm

- 4:00 pm

Simpson House, 4509 Walnut, Kansas City MO 

Here is the current ballot of people running for the PeaceWorks Board of Directors. The slate is subject to change. Some additional candidates may be announced right before attendees vote on the slate at the March 3 PeaceWorks KC Annual Meeting at Simpson House, 4509 Walnut, KC MO.

Our all-volunteer Board members make possible many of the good works of PeaceWorks. If you would like to join us in promoting peace and justice in our community as a Board member, or if you know of someone who would make a good candidate, please let us know. Simply send PeaceWorks an email at

Candidates for the Board’s Executive Committee 

Chair                                       Tommy Indigo

1st VP                                     Cris Mann

2nd VP                                    Ann Suellentrop

Treasurer                                Dave Pack

Secretary                                Spencer Graves

Candidates for Board Members

Mary Hladky

Christopher Overfelt

Kristin Scheer

Notes: The term for Board Members is two years, and the term for the Executive Committee is only one year. Persons who are just entering their second year as Board Members (not needing to be on the slate) are Breanna Crawford, Debora Demeter, Kimmy Igla, and Henry Stoever. The Nominating Committee consists of Mary Hladky and Ann Suellentrop. The Board is deeply grateful for the service of Charles Carney and Jon Shafer, who recently retired from the Board. The pexels image, from, is in the public domain. (c) 2024, PeaceWorks Kansas City, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.


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During the PeaceWorks Annual Meeting Sunday, 3/3, vote on the slate of PW candidates. Contact us soon about other likely Board members.
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At our Sept. 24-25 fair, people enjoyed the art, diversity of artists/patrons, delicious Colombian food, sharing time with each other, and fantastic weather.    
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