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Memorial Day: pray, meditate, reflect at nuclear weapon plant

This photo shows discussion with police during the civil resistance April 15, 2024; the Memorial Day witness will be for prayer and reflection (no civil resistance).
At the KC National Security Campus, protesters confer with police April 15, 2024; the Memorial Day witness this year will focus on prayer, not civil resistance.—Photo by Jim Hannah

May 27, 2024 

10:00 am

- 11:00 am

14510 Botts Rd, KC, MO 64145, north of Hwy. 150 and west of Hwy 49 

By Henry Stoever

Weapons of mass destruction are the products of the National Security Campus here in KC, MO.

On Memorial Day: Pray that we are delivered from nuclear weaponry. Meditate on the consequences of these weapons. Reflect on the sacredness of all life and how we can solve this crisis we face.

MEMORIAL DAY is a day we remember our deceased loved ones, those who died from working at the old Bannister Federal Complex (site of the old nuclear weapon plant), those who served in our armed forces and who serve us in so many other ways. Here we face the enormity of all life on this planet at jeopardy from nuclear weapons.

WHEN: MEMORIAL DAY, Monday, May 27, at 10am, for 45-60 minutes.

Lois Swimmer holds a sign on Memorial Day 2022 at the KC National Security Campus.—Photo by Kriss Avery

SITE: 14510 Botts Rd, KC, MO 64145, north of Hwy. 150 and west of Hwy 49 (which becomes Hwy 71). Gather at the entry of the weapons plant; gather on and along the public sidewalk and the public nature trail.

EVENT: Meditative, reflective witness–the reading aloud of a prayer, a reflection, a petition or a short story. No chanting, not a rally. There will be no risking of arrest, for this is a 100% legal event, on the public right-of-way.

SEND ME: A reflection, a prayer, a petition, a story, in regard to this weapons plant, how we may find the right mind and right path to deliver us from this destruction. Send to: I will collect the reflections and send you a copy via email for your personal use at the site.

INVITE: All concerned persons for this nonviolent, reflective Memorial Day event. Carpool if possible.

BRING: Your prayer rug, yoga mat, stool or chair, something comfortable to sit on, a bottle of water, some protection from the sun/wind/rain.

I will make inquiry about parking along the shoulders of Botts Road.

Contact: Henry M. Stoever of the PeaceWorks-KC Board, 913-375-0045, THANK YOU!

© 2024, Henry Stoever, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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