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KC MO, epicenter of new arms race—RESIST!

As the US plans to double the size of its KC facility to produce parts for nuclear weapons, activist plan to protest.
Administration Building of the KC National Security Campus, where parts are made/procured for the US nuclear weapon arsenal.--Photo by Brian Terrell

By Mary Hladky

The Kansas City nuclear bomb plant, officially named the Kansas City National Security Campus, is of vital importance in the making of nuclear weapons. This facility is an integral part of the manufacturing chain, producing and procuring over 85% of the mechanical and electronic parts for US nuclear weapons. Without these parts, nuclear weapons production would cease. 

Brian Terrell extends a “twig of peace” as he stops by the KC facility for making parts for nuclear weapons.–Photo by Charles Carney

“The US has embarked on the largest and most expensive nuclear build-out ever,” according to an article in the December Scientific American. In its deadly pursuit of the most dangerous weapons on earth, the US government will double the size of KC’s already massive bomb plant beginning in 2024. With little public notice, the land has been purchased, zoning has been granted, and earth movers are preparing the land for building. Expansion includes 2.5 million square feet of new office, manufacturing, and support space as well as adding an additional 1,000 employees to its current 7,800 employees. So much time, energy, and trillions of taxpayer dollars invested to kill life.

The US government is capable of destroying life on earth many times over. There are nine nuclear-armed nations, many of whom have already threatened the use of nuclear weapons during conflicts. Due to human error and misunderstandings, the United States and Russia, along with others, have experienced numerous nuclear close calls. We are tempting fate. One of these days, “luck” won’t be on our side.  

The entire nuclear production system has contaminated, sickened, and killed untold numbers of US citizens—men, women, children, and babies. The same has happened all over the world, which has led to the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

This madness must stop.   

Instead of paying people to produce/procure parts for killer bombs, let these same employees use their knowledge and expertise to reduce global warming. The plant should transition to green energy solutions providing employees with good-paying jobs that build a sustainable, more livable society. Warheads to Windmills has an informative website addressing the climate catastrophe and nuclear war, the two existential threats facing the world. 

Charles Carney waves “peace.”–Photo by Brian Terrell

WE MUST RESIST. Plan to attend the Catholic Workers Resist Nuclear Weapons events April 12-15 here in Kansas City. For those who can attend, April 12-14 are set aside for planning and nonviolence training, as well as fellowship. The events will conclude on Monday, April 15, with a Day of Action at the plant, alongside PeaceWorks KC (a local affiliate of Peace Action), numerous non-profits, and the people of KC.  Details are being finalized and will be posted at See to register (scroll to Catholic Worker Faith & Resistance Retreat) and donate to help with meals and lodging.

In the meantime, write a Letter to the Editor of your favorite publication. And contact your elected officials to let them know you want your taxpayer dollars spent on improving the living conditions in the US instead of the evil of nuclear weapons.

For further information on the plant’s expansion, read the Nov. 7 Kansas City Business Journal article here.

–Mary Hladky is a vice chair of the PeaceWorks KC Board and serves on the Coordinating Committee of United for Peace & Justice.

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The US will double the size of the KC facility for making parts for nuclear weapons. It's time to protest! Register now for the Faith & Resistance Retreat 4/12-15.
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