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Ask KCMO City Council to Support Middle East Ceasefire

PeaceWorks joins a local campaign for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The Executive Committee of PeaceWorks Kansas City decided May 15 to join the campaign for the KC MO City Council to call for a ceasefire in Palestine. These efforts are led by Al-Hadaf KC and the Free Palestine Collective. PeaceWorks deplores all war and oppression, including the Oct. 7 attack on Israel and the horrific, ongoing mass killing of Palestinians by Israel with military weapons and support from the United States.

Throughout the entire metro area (in and beyond KC MO), persons may sign the community petition for the ceasefire resolution at

If you live within KC MO, you may submit an email to the KC MO City Council, including which district you are from, using this site:  Please call/email your City Council representative (see the contact info at

A portion of the community petition that all may sign, regardless of place of residence, reads: “We respectfully urge the Kansas City City Council to take a stand for peace and justice by passing a ceasefire resolution. Such a resolution would send a clear message that our community stands united in advocating for an immediate ceasefire, protection of civilian lives, immediate and uninhibited facilitation of humanitarian aid through all points of entry.”

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