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Knotty Karma

By Ron Faust

As long as arms desperately cling to nuclear weapons

   We have a dilemma

      Our fear shows in the violence of weapons


As long as we keep saying,

   Our weapons are safer, better, smarter

      We have an enemy, and it turns out to be us


As long as we only rely on force to solve problems

   We are not free to walk away or be ourselves

      The pride to win skews any diplomacy for peace


As long as we think MAD works

   We will have 13000 with overwhelming power

      We cannot stockpile or handle the uranium


As long as we are stuck in the human condition

   Unable to raise a rational critique of our dilemma

       We will shorten the time of the Doomsday Clock


8/7/22   (On occasion to bring attention to the problem of nuclear weapons

 and our flirtation with the Doomsday Clock)

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Ron Faust, poet, heard Japanese-Americans say on Aug. 7, “We should never build another nuclear weapon.” He wrote a warning: “As long as we are stuck (with the world having 13,000 nukes), We will shorten the time of the Doomsday Clock.”
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