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‘Don’t Look Away’ from killer drone attacks–see photos of drone protest

As the daily news indicates, the US continues using drone warfare to seek out and kill terrorists … and many of the targets and others killed are in no way terrorists. With that in mind, PeaceWorks-KC members, a local member of Veterans for Peace, and others protested drone warfare at the entry of Whiteman Air Force Base on Nov. 29. “Don’t Look Away” was our theme, and the theme for 10 other peace actions that day at US Air Force bases.

A photo album, complete with captions, gives you a taste of our Whiteman witness. Kriss Avery took the photos. Featured speaker Brian Terrell, a drone activist from Maloy, Iowa, said the US military mistakenly identified Zemari Ahmadi as a terrorist and killed him, seven children, and two others in Kabul, Afghanistan, with a Hellfire Missile shot from a drone into the Ahmadi courtyard on Aug. 29. The Nov. 29 “Don’t Look Away” protests called attention to that tragedy. We mourned that the US drone killings have been confirmed in the past to slay 9 innocent persons for every intended target. Terrell said not only did the US military misidentify Ahmadi as a terrorist—he worked for a California-based charity—but the water bottles Ahmadi put in his car to take to his family were misconstrued as gas cannisters. The US drone attack killed Ahmadi along with the 9 family members who came outside to welcome him home.

Photos by Kriss Avery.

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At Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Mo., on Nov. 29, peace activists mourned 10 innocent persons killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Aug. 29. A photo album, with captions, tells the protest story.
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