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Ranked choice voting team to stage parallel election

By Rachel MacNair

Ranked choice voting (RCV) allows you to select first the candidate you want, and then if you want to help the “lesser evil” who can actually win, you rank them lower. You’ve communicated what you want. That’s greater democracy.

Better Ballot KC is trying to get RCV on the ballot in KC MO. City Council members are friendly to the idea; but they need more push to act. KC MO citizens, please call your City Council members. Find your reps at

Parallel election. In KC’s US Senate primary Aug. 2, several candidates are running in both major parties. The danger someone could win with a small percentage is likely. Better Ballot KC will be outside polling places, offering voters a chance to rank the same candidates. The results of this parallel election should help with educating and lobbying for RCV.

For hire? We’re hiring people for the one-day gig of asking voters to fill out those ballots (base pay $100, plus $1 for every ballot turned in). You can donate that to PeaceWorks if you want. For more info and to apply, go to

—Rachel MacNair coordinates the KC MO drive for ranked choice voting. © Rachel MacNair, Better Ballot KC, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 Internationl License.

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Better Ballot KC is trying to get ranked choice voting on the ballot in KC MO. One way to show the need for RCV is to hold a “parallel election” for voters leaving polls Aug. 2. Volunteers needed!
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