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Land of Diversity

By Ron Faust
We are a divided nation
   Split apart by ideology
   On just about anything
   Conservative or liberal
   Fighting racism or freedom
   White nationalism or immigrants
   Always a close call or tight vote
   Some still reenacting a civil war

We used to honor civil discussions
   We could debate difficult issues
   And listen to the other side
   But the preponderance of guns
   Has created fear and violence
   Making forward motion a stalemate

Now we face a serious election between
   The hard right and socialism
   Dictatorship and Democracy
   Prolife and prochoice
   Fascism and progressives
   Militarism and peace
   Tradition and change

We grapple with the soul of America
   Tossing around misinformation
   Some trying to revise history
   Others trying to corrupt reality
   Maybe it’s our diversity and creativity
   Or we have reached chaotic endings
   Perhaps we will settle down or cope
   After an election with the Trump factor
   Will we be honest about our dark side
And allow the truth to set us free?
1/4/24  (On occasion of wondering what a New Year will bring us
and if we can accept the consequences of our divisions. 
We are entering the minefield of an election year. need discernment.)

Ron Faust is a retired minister in Disciples of Christ and a former PeaceWorks KC Board member. (c) 2024, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.


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