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Solidarity with Blackness

Black Lives Matter

At night everyone is the same

In darkness violence secretly strikes

Out of sight passion thrives

We will have a chance to play our part


Chadwick Boseman acted in roles

To make life matter in short succession

That identified notable change agents

In the field of Baseball’s Robinson

On the courts of Thurgood Marshall

In the concert halls of James Brown

On a fantasy stage of the Black Panther

He personified a hero image of success

He came on the scene when it mattered

Returning to blackness forever in our hearts

Even in a flicker of time his moment lasts


Light penetrates spaces in the trees

Causing shadows of a beautiful mosaic

Covering a canvas of dark and bright

Each needing the other in a creative mix

Black lives show up unexpectedly different

And qualifiedly with a lightness of being

Even when it has been unfairly suppressed

Blackness is in the shadows ready to shine.


9/5/20 by Ron Faust

(On occasion of participating in a march-rally for BLM on 9/4/20, noting the passing of Chadwick Boseman on 8/28/20 and showing solidarity against racism)

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