"Ultimately, we will not reach a nuclear-free world alone, we will do it as an ever-expanding community of love," Charles Carney said. "Will we let greed destroy our children's future? NO!"--Photos by Kriss Avery

Charles Carney speaks at Peace Walk Finale Rally  

While on the Flint Hills Nature Trail, I realized how deeply our radical interconnectedness with plants, trees, animals, bugs, deer and wolves, and with other humans, renders any act of violence toward each other or the Earth utterly ludicrous. We will not go quietly into the deep dark destruction of nuclear madness!

Peace traveler Charles Carney covers the start of his last mile quietly, with others ahead of him, as he nears the end of his 253-mile walk, the Wichita-to-KC Bob Lavelle Memorial Peace Walk, on Sept. 17.—Photo by Ann Suellentrop

Peace Walk

Once a peace walker decided to journey /    From Wichita to a Kansas City nuclear weapon plant /    Some 253 miles, including the Flint Hills Nature Trail, /    To save the earth and ban nuclear weapons