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‘Resist Nuclear Weapons’ 4/12-15; catch 2 KKFI shows

The Midwest Catholic Workers will converge on KC MO for a retreat that culminates in resistance to the KC nuclear weapon plant.
Catholic Worker Mark Bartholomew holds a cross commemorating Alice, a worker at the KC Plant (nuclear weapon facility) at Bannister Federal Complex; she died of brain cancer and breast cancer, diagnosed when she was 39. At center, Rev. Ron Faust holds out hope for a world free of nuclear weapons.—Photo from Nov. 4, 2010, courtesy of PeaceWorks KC

By Jane Stoever

The Midwest Catholic Workers and KC friends will gather in retreat 4/12-14, preparing to resist nuclear weapons 4/15 at the KC MO nuclear weapons plant. That facility makes or procures 80% of the mechanical and electrical parts for the US nuclear arsenal. The retreat and action together make up “Resist Nuclear Weapons,” which Catholic Workers are leading. PeaceWorks KC is tagging along.

Two shows on KKFI, 90.1 FM, will feature the 4/12-15 gathering. Thanks, KKFI! During the 9-10 am “Jaws of Justice Radio” on Monday, 4/8, moderator Teresa Wilke will interview Ann Suellentrop. A vice chair of PeaceWorks, Ann helped plan the 4/12-14 program and just returned from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the US unleashed the atomic age. Ann notes that April 15 is the day US taxes are due and keys the 4/15 protest to the horrific misuse of our tax dollars. The KC MO nuclear weapons plant has construction underway to double the size of the plant buildings, says Ann, “because the US is making all-new nuclear weapons to the tune of $2 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.” She adds that in KC, “we are manufacturing our own doom.”

On KKFI’s “Radio Active Magazine,” at 6 pm Tuesday, 4/9, moderator (and veteran) Spencer Graves will interview Jordan Schiele, a founder of Jerusalem Farm in KC MO; Kathy Kelly, board president of World BEYOND War; and Brian Terrell, a coordinator for the Nevada Desert Experience, including the annual Sacred Peace Walk. The topic for the 4/9 show will be the 4/12-15 “Resist Nuclear Weapons.”

Catholic Workers and other peace activists are registering for the long weekend. All are invited to attend—register free at The 4/12-14 program will lead up to the 4/15 opposition to the nuke-parts plant in our midst, the KC National Security Campus (NSC), at 14520 Botts Road in KC MO. A brief retreat schedule follows. The two sites for most of the 4/12-14 events are Jerusalem Farm (J-Farm), 520Garfield, KC MO and Cherith Brook Catholic Worker, 3308 E. 12th St, KC MO.

Friday, 4/12 at J-Farm
Afternoon arrival at J-Farm (overflow to CB); supper
7:45 pm: Downwind, a film on the results of nuclear weapons tests on Earth, on all people

Saturday, 4/13	Morning at J-Farm; afternoon-evening at Cherith Brook
Morning panel education about the KC NSC
Picnic lunch plus visit to NSC area with possible walk along nature trail
Discussion of action scenarios; nonviolence training 
Supper at Cherith Brook; talent show!

Sunday, 4/14	Morning at J-Farm; afternoon-evening at Cherith Brook
10 am: reflection and/or Mass with Father Mark Miller; lunch at J-Farm
Prepare signs/materials for action; discuss civil disobedience support plan
Optional personal reflection/preparation; supper at Cherith Brook

Monday, 4/15	
Civil disobedience action

—Jane Stoever is a member of PeaceWorks KC. ©2024, Jane Stoever, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

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