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Calling All Allied Activist Artists

Santa and artists at coffee shop
MO Peace, artists, and activists at AAAArts show at Bip Roasters.

January 23, 2024 

5:00 pm

- 7:00 pm

Blip Roasters 

By Kristin Scheer

Calling All Allies & Activist Artists for our next AAAArts show at Blip Roasters at 1302 Woodswether Rd. in KCMO from 5 to 7 pm Tuesday, Jan 23. It’s an open-mic event to showcase, promote, share, perform, and discuss politically relevant art with pro-love, pro-justice, anti-war, and anti-establishment messages. In a recent interview on The KC Morning Show (on KCUR-FM, 89.3) with Hartzell Gray, Cameron of MO Peace Theater Group said, “It’s an interdisciplinary creative catalyst for change.”

Tommy of the same MO Peace Theater Group that is sponsoring and performing at the events said, “Let’s talk art through politics and politics through art.” MO Peace has been bringing art to the streets to inspire political discourse as an alternative to the sanitized messages dominated by corporate news media outlets.

Jane, George, and Henry as Santa

The mission of AAAArts, according to Tommy, is “intersectional networking and outreach to the public to instigate revolution establishing political art as a worthy genre, and enabling political activists as a coherent polity that is ready and able to throw down the poisonous establishment and dream our visions into reality, or just mock the oligarchy.”

This will be our second show.  The first attracted 6 artists and featured 15 presentations of print art, poetry, and theater.  It inspired great conversation and was a fun artsy event for the 12 people in attendance, including Santa Claus.

Please plan to join us on Jan 23 to witness and share in the solidarity, vulnerability, and strength the arts can bring towards creating and realizing healthy change for more peace and justice in our world. Let us be reminded that all that is personal is also political. Come participate in this next exciting junction of creativity and activism in KC.

Kristin Scheer is a member of the PeaceWorks KC Board.

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