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Emergency! Save RECA

The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, RECA, is set to expire. Call the House Speaker now!
Nuclear explosion--Photo by Romolo Tavani

By Ann Suellentrop

Call House Speaker Mike Johnson’s DC office at 202-255-4000 today and tell him NOW to extend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act already passed by the Senate.  

RECA, offering compensation from injuries related to nuclear bomb testing and production/storage, is due to expire in ONE WEEK!  

RECA gives cancer sufferers relief in money and medical assistance. We have spent $12 trillion to make nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, but the victims of nuclear enterprises deserve government accountability!

The RECA funding is a pittance in comparison!  

–Ann Suellentrop, MSRN, vice chair of PeaceWorks Kansas City and a member of the Physicians for Social Responsibility Board, issued this request for contacts to US House Speaker Mike Johnson while she attended DC Days annual lobbying of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability. Photo by Romolo Tavani, istockphoto-955124060-1024×1024.jpg, .(c) 2024, Ann Suellentrop, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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