At a 2014 rally for freedom for Chelsea Manning from the US Penitentiary in Leavenworth, KS, David Kingsley asks who is the real criminal.—Photo by Jim Hannah

Congressional Gold Medals for Assange, Hale, Barlow, Winner, Manning, Edmonds, Sterling, Drake, Snowden, Ellsberg

Why does the US have enemies? Because of the manifest contempt that operations like our war on Afghanistan show for the rule of law. Whistle-blowers deserve Congressional Medals of Honor, not prison.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation has circulated this phrase from Martin Luther King Jr. as both a poster and a yard sign, available online.

Reflections on a debacle—the Afghanistan war

As the mother of an Army Infantry Officer who served for 13 months during Obama’s Afghanistan surge, I feel an overwhelming sadness for the men and women who served in Afghanistan. I also feel great sadness for the huge losses and suffering the Afghan people endured. The military and the U.S. government knew early on that the Afghanistan War was a debacle.