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What have we done to ourselves?

We have tied ourselves up

   In a convoluted entanglement


What have we achieved from 9/11?

   But ruination in endless war and revenge

   Amassing a military budget of $800 Billion

   Shifting away resources to tackle climate change

   Burning up the environment in red partisanship

   Turning to violent embarrassment and division

   Jeopardizing a democracy for a dictatorship


When will we come to our senses?

   Rediscovering the tender yearning for peace

   Standing for justice where Black Lives Matter

   Caring for Creation to confront climate change

   Developing an openness to avoid rigid legalism

   Striving for higher values to be honestly authentic

   Forming compassionate communities showing love


Can we? Will we? To our last breath, help us live.


9/12/20 by Ron Faust (On occasion a day after the 19th Anniversary of 9/11)

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