Short videos carry message of Memorial Day peace witness

Theresa 'We Can Bomb ...

Below are a number of videos—some a few seconds long, some a few minutes long—sharing reflections from PeaceWorks’ May 27 Memorial Day Witness for a Nuke-Free World in Kansas City, Mo. Some speakers were at the floodwall for Bannister Federal Complex, where the old nuclear weapons parts plant was. Many of the speakers were standing near the entry road to KC’s new nuke-parts plant before they crossed the line onto the plant’s property and were arrested. For example, Jordan Schiele, a founder of the Jerusalem Farm community in KC, said, “These nuclear weapons should be abolished! They should be abandoned!” Joseph Wun, a Jerusalem Farm community member, read Pablo Neruda’s “Keeping Quiet.” Neruda wrote: “For once on the face of the earth, let’s not speak in any language; let’s stop for one second, and not move our arms so much. … Those who prepare green wars, wars with gas, wars with fire, victories with no survivors, would put on clean clothes and walk about with their brothers in the shade, doing nothing.” And Ann Suellentrop spoke of the KC plant’s part in “souping up” the B-61 nuclear weapon to send it to Europe. The B-61 bombs can be “dialed up or down,” said Suellentrop, “to make a small explosion or a huge explosion. The B-61 can go down by parachute or they can drop it or delay it—let it drop all the way to the ground and then explode it. This is what we are doing to help the NATO war machine in Europe.”


Also check out these slightly longer videos:

Georgia Walker Part 1
Georgia Walker Part 2
Sunny Hamrick
Guest from Germany
Debbie Penniston
Jane Stoever
Sunny Hamrick Poem
Brian Terrel

Man hanging origame peace cranes.