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Billboard by Robyn Haas;, posted on the west side of Main Street, KC MO, facing south.

PeaceWorks-KC is posting billboards around the city. Want to share one with a friend? Here are the three images being posted. Another story, to go online 1/13, gives details about the grant that enabled this publicity, from ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Here are the three billboard designs, easily downloadable.

If you are on the home page, open this full story by clicking on the headline. You’ll see three billboard designs. Right-click on an image, select “copy image,” and save it to share. Compliments of ICAN!

Billboard, designed by Robyn Haas, posted at 71 Highway south of 125th Street, facing north.

The billboards mark the “entry into force” of the international Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The treaty goes into effect Jan. 22, when, at 2pm, all are invited to a PeaceWorks rally in KC MO at the Plaza fountain at 47th Street and Main. Our rally is one of many celebrations of the treaty around the world. We’ll do social distancing, wave flags of the 51 countries that have already ratified the treaty, and have speakers to welcome the treaty into force.

Billboard designed by Robyn Haas, posted Jan. 11 in KC MO at the west side of Broadway, south of 39th Street, facing north, and posted at the west side of Main Street, south of Truman Road, facing north.

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Man hanging origame peace cranes.