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Register and Vote

Voter casting ballot
  1.  August 4 is primary election day in Kansas and Missouri.  The deadline to register to vote in this primary is July 8 in Missouri and July 14 in Kansas.  If you haven’t already registered, please do so.  If you are already registered, encourage your friends, relatives, neighbors, and enemies to register if they haven’t already.
  2. If you want to vote by mail, the deadline for a mail-in ballot for this election is July 22 in Missouri and July 28 in Kansas.
  3. Registered voters can download sample ballots from their county election boards.  This can allow you to see in advance the candidates and issues on your ballot, so you can study this, do research on the web and discuss with others.
  4. Especially for your candidates for federal office, contact their campaigns and ask whatever you want about their positions on peace, sustainability, nonviolence, and anti-racism.  Feel free to share whom you tried to contact, what questions you asked, etc., in a PeaceWorks Google sheet created for this purpose (or by emailing  Storing notes in a Google sheet like this should make it easy to sort the results by office and candidate.  This is an experiment.  Questions asked during an election season may count more than similar contacts made outside of a political campaign.  If several of us do this, we could potentially have an impact just asking the pertinent impertinent questions.

(ballot box image:  copyright CC BY-SA, Sonia Sevilla)

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