Poetic Pause

Snow pexels-photo-954710

By Ron Faust

I sit here alone on an empty vessel of words

As tiny particles of crystal fall from the sky

Dancing, distracted, destined in their flight

To pull a sheet over a world cold and sleepy


Elsewhere people cover their heads in fear

From blasting bombs splintering their shelter

All the signs of a grotesquely unnecessary war

Showing the ugly or the courage in humanity


All of life bears poetry within it through words

That point to a higher or deeper reality

We will struggle to share our meaning to life

Either the kind standing for war or peace.

3/10/22   (On occasion to make poetic sense of the senseless war in Ukraine)

© 2022, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.  

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Man hanging origame peace cranes.