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Pics & 2 videos from Memorial Day event

Flags line our Memorial Day gathering. The flags represent the 68 (and counting!) countries that have ratified the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Photo by Kriss Avery

Our high energy and hope shine in these photos from our pro-peace, anti-nuke Memorial Day gathering. We walked a mile, passing the Administration Building for the nuclear weapon parts plant in KC MO, the National Security Campus. We rallied, we did a die-in to recall hundreds of deaths from the old plant site at Bannister Federal Complex, and some of us crossed the property line in protest.

Thanks, photographer Kriss Avery for catching our spirit! And a bonus: two videos by Kriss. One shows one of the leaders of the local Veterans for Peace, Theodore John, ringing the peace bell he made during a vets’ retreat in Philadelphia. The second has Priest (he and 337 form the duo The Recipe) presenting an excerpt from “Self-Destruction.” As in “Self-destruction. They make weapons of mass destruction. … Health care. Warfare. Who cares? Is war fair???”

Photos by Kriss Avery

Video with Vet for Peace Theodore John
Video with Priest presenting “Self-Destruction”

© 2023, Kriss Avery, Cody Boston, Theodore John, Priest, Jane Stoever, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

Man hanging origame peace cranes.