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Peace Walk

By Ron Faust

Once a peace walker decided to journey

From Wichita to a Kansas City nuclear weapon plant

Some 253 miles, including the Flint Hills Nature Trail,

To save the earth and ban nuclear weapons


The trek was arduous, meditatively challenging

Testing the limits of one’s ability to be alive

Examining values in the crossroad of choices

Taking a difficult road, less traveled and lonely


He was not alone, tracing steps of moral vision

Following Prophets and Martin Luther King Jr

Seeking peace, justice, creation, embodying

Love, openness, and truth to one’s values


This summer trip may go unnoticed on a dusty trail

Not as exciting as war, fun times and sports

A peace traveler may not make the evening news

But as footsteps fade, still echo waves will follow.


9/17/21  (On occasion in 2021 when peace advocates of PeaceWorks-KC follow the walk of Charles Carney by keeping the peace vision alive)  Copyright 2021, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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