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Peace Walk Finale Rally Slideshow


Slide show portrays Finale Rally capping off 253-mile Peace Walk—wow!

This slide show, by Kriss Avery, gives an amalgam of the Finale Rally for the 253-mile Wichita-to-KC Bob Lavelle Memorial Peace Walk. Dreamed up and done by Charles Carney, the walk began Aug. 10 and concluded Sept. 17. The slide show marks parts of the rally:

  • from the gathering at Prospect Avenue and Mo. Hwy. 150, 
  • along the 1-mile nature trail leading to the entry road to the KC National Security Campus (NSC), where 85 percent of the non-fissile parts for US nuclear weapons are made or procured,
  • past native grasses, thistles, pods, and the pond swarming with geese,
  • to the rally itself, at the NSC entry road.


Copyright 2021, Kriss Avery, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.


Man hanging origame peace cranes.