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Peace on the Far Trail

By Ron Faust


Far into the distant trail

   Is a place to rest my weariness

But I’m not there yet

   And I struggle through every pain

To wonder if I will ever see peace,

    Not as in the fantasy of my desires

Where a soft breeze flutters upon the leaves

    And warm sun streaks across the grass

       And pools of water remain glassy–eyed


But a peace that lights up the darkness

     And one that faces into the real specter

         Of frightening monsters as humongous

            As the nuclear weapons industry’s

                Death-defying billion-dollar missiles

Or a peace that will resolve the battle

    Of nuclear explosions that fire up your eyes

       With vivid red blood splattered everywhere

    And which leaves you limp but shocked,

       Shaken to the core in convulsions of war,


Such a peace is far along the trail,

    To wonder when we can ever rest again,

      And rub out the diameters of separation

      To redraw the lines into one big circle,

Erasing the sides and including everyone –

    Blacks, browns, tan, yellow, red and white,

    Lambs, wolves, lion and child – all creatures


Of a living peace that respects and loves

    That no longer needs the violence of insurrection

    Where the chaos turns into creation

    Where we embrace energies of hope

        And we are no longer tired, just loved


So what can the resistance of a few peacemakers do

   Not knowing that they are peacemakers?

       But no matter, the unseen waves of their actions

May just be what saves the world from itself.


Written 2/25/21

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