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Peace from Drone Attacks

By Ron Faust 

Drone defenders try to point out the benefits

  Delivery of medicines, supplies, reconnaissance

     While a trail of tears follows a distant drone

        Having killed nine others besides the target


If we are to choose between life and death

   An operator at Whiteman AFB shouldn’t

       Make that choice… it’s a violent war crime

         NukeWatch documents over 50 killing events


If we are to choose peace, how do we decide?

   Most choose peace with strength, imposing

       From a place of control, using force and order

          But real peace becomes meditative or mediating


We need to calm the chaos in a sea of abnormality

   Find the quiet places or mediate the opposite sides

      Restore the normal in a society of democracy

         Start raising kind humans and stop the madness.


10/1/2  (On occasion of a protest at Whiteman AFB in Missouri to stop the drone attacks)


© 2022, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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