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Working towards accountability, peace in community,
and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Our Mission

To nonviolently embody and empower our
community through organizing acts of
civil resistance and works for peace.

Cooperation, collaboration and solidarity
are essential to peace in community.

Peace is attained only through justice for all.

Featured Updates

Enjoy these pictures from the April 15th tax day Resistance at the nuclear weapons plant,
The KC facility to make parts for nuclear weapons is slated to double in size. We protested!
The Sacred Peace Walk promotes peace while opposing drone and nuclear warfare.
Lobby group in DC in front of capital

Join us in solidarity for environmental justice

Nuclear weapons production and testing have made a catastrophic impact on our planet, disproportionately targeting BIPOC communities. We need to stand up, and demand our tax dollars go toward public services, not devastating weapons of war.

We support the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and we lobby every year with our congressional representatives and senators to do the same. Prohibition of nuclear weapons will ensure a livable planet for future generations.

The treaty declares that the production, testing, possession, transfer, and threatened use of nuclear weapons is illegal. The treaty mandates assisting survivors of nuclear mining, production or testing, and it requires the clean-up of environmental damage. This treaty has 92 signatories from Austria to Zimbabwe. And we want America to join them.

Recent Posts

This Sunday afternoon of music, theatre, and satire will benefit the Palestinian American Medical Association....
The landmarks and stories of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park met the reverence and yearning of the Pax Christi US visitors....
"We welcome the pilgrims who have come to express their apology for the atomic bombings and to expand dialogue for reconciliation.”...
The film "Oppenheimer," says Ron Faust, urges us "to die or live as peacemakers."...
Ann Suellentrop apologizes for the 1945 atomic bombings during her trip to Japan....
Brian Campbell of PSR asked Ann Suellentrop to deliver this letter during her trip to Japan....

Join the fight against nuclear impact

and ensure a safe, habitable planet for all.

To create an equitable world,
let’s direct our efforts away from
militarism or incarceration,

And towards mutual community
resources and education.

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Man hanging origame peace cranes.