“The war in Afghanistan is not over,” says Brian Terrell, left, stressing the pervasive use of US drones. Terrell, who will attend the 4/30 rally at Whiteman AFB, was speaking during the peace witness at Whiteman Nov. 29, 2021.—Photo by Kriss Avery

Join peace witnesses at Whiteman AFB 4/30, at KC nuke-parts plant 5/30

These two events highlight the link between US militarism and world instability. Whether it is drone warfare or nuclear weapons, our military-industrial complex follows only one dogma, profit over safety.

Diane Charity and Jude Granados (son of KC Tenants co-founder Brandy Granados) in March 2019 at the first rally at City Hall for the Tenant’s Bill of Rights.—Photos courtesy of Diane Charity

Cheatum Community Peace Award goes to KC Tenants

“We are humbled!” said Diane Charity, accepting an award for KC Tenants at PeaceWorks’ Annual Meeting March 6. She thanked PeaceWorks and spoke of the group she helped found: “KC Tenants wants to ensure everyone has an affordable home. Many of our people are priced out of a home.”