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Oppenheimer’s Critique

By Ron Faust

Supposed to end war

   As we know it The Manhattan Project

Began as a creative challenge

   Ending in a death wish of nothingness

Nobody would want to use

   Something so horrendous

Yet we toy with tactical weapons

   To scare the other side

Fascinated with the nuclear option

   Some think threat means prevention

Yet weapons have opposite effects

   Greater costs and cancerous victims

Unlocking the energy of the atom

   Amazed scientists in the Trinity Test

Competing as the Oppenheimer Team

   Causing annihilation never known before

The movie shows the dilemma of a hero

   First elation then false political vengeance

And moral issues remain with uranium suffering

   With further attempts to end the human race

Reducing danger requires a vision of principles

   Some are enthralled with a cold war mentality

We confess how superpowers ignore a bomb ban

   Return us to a choice to make

          Life or death.

7/24/23   (On occasion of release of the movie “Oppenheimer, about the Father of the Atomic Bomb; the film plays down existential consequences of radiation.) (c) 2023, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. Photograph,

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