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Olympic Snowflakes

By Ron Faust

Snow on my windowpane, Window snow, Share me your beauty, Swish and blow.
The flame rose as a center piece of a snowflake
   In the extravaganza of China’s spectacular show
   Amidst fireworks and a beautiful children’s choir
   Singing John Lennon’s Imagine the world as one

Unexpected was the variety of colorful participants
   As different as the uniqueness of a snowflake
   In the parade of athletes led by stunning ladies
   Holding high a snow display linking nationalities

Everyone was wearing a mask, hiding their smiles
   Disguising the hypocrisy of political wrangling
   But their eyes danced in the celebration of the gala
   In the best Olympic technological event ever seen.

2/4/22  (On occasion of the pandemic opening of the winter games, to competitive athletic stars and to rival nations meeting common ground in the spirit of the Olympics. Poem read by Ron Faust at KC MO 2/5 rally for peace, not war between the US and Russia concerning Ukraine. Photos, captions, by Jane Stoever. ©2022, Ron Faust, Jane Stoever, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.)

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