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Nuclear Elephant

By Ron Faust

Super powers have nuclear weapons out of fear

Afraid to get rid of them lest they lose control

Thinking they will win with bargaining chips

That will have their opponents back down


Unfortunately this fear compromises diplomacy

The nuclear elephant in the room violates trust

Unable to join the rest of the world in solidarity

With a Ban Treaty of nuclear disarmament


Nations with nuclear weapons have a problem

They appear belligerent, inflexible, deceitful

In a fragile world that could blow itself apart

So the urgency of PeaceWorks moves our heart.

3/6/22  (On occasion of the Annual Meeting of PeaceWorks

to remember the 1st anniversary of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

and ponder why diplomacy of big nations is so difficult, as in the attack of Russia on Ukraine)


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